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From the vast plains of the Serengeti to South Africa’s riverine forests and iconic bushveld, and from Zimbabwe’s rugged sandstone ridges to Rwanda’s majestic Virunga Mountain Range – the Singita Private Villa Collection welcomes you home to your place in Africa.


The vast iconic plains of the Serengeti for many epitomize safari

In Tanzania, the Singita Grumeti concession – a vast 350,000 piece of wilderness where two of our exclusive use properties are located - is adjacent to the Serengeti National Park. Singita Serengeti House and Singita Explore, our two exclusive-use properties in this region, each offers a unique way to experience the landscape – Serengeti House is a gracious homestead and offers elegant luxury, while Singita Explore exclusive use tented camp situates you with a front-row seat to the iconic Great Migration.

The migratory route of the countless wildebeest, zebra and antelope which traverse it annually en route to greener grazing, it’s an area of remarkable biodiversity and beauty. The vast iconic plains of the Serengeti for many epitomize safari, and these panoramic vistas and the abundance of game they are home to make it one of the most scenic and dramatic travel destinations on the planet. Game drives, hot-air ballooning over the plains and sundowners with the backdrop of a cinematic sunset are some of the ways to experience the landscape, while conservation-based excursions – such as community visits and the opportunity to observe anti-poaching units in action drive home the important work being done in the region to preserve its heritage and biodiversity.

This reserve has been managed by Singita since 2006 and demonstrates the success of our low-impact luxury tourism approach, through which we’ve continued the legacy of conservation established by the Tanzanian government and maintained by the Grumeti Fund since 2002.

South Africa

South Africa’s varied and dramatic terrain, and excellent concentration of game make it a prime game viewing and birding destination

Our lodges in South Africa span two different reserves. Singita Kruger National Park is our concession within the greater Kruger National Park – the largest wilderness reserve in South Africa. The concession lies in the southeastern section of the greater park, on the border of Mozambique, and was granted to Singita in 2001 due to our record for and commitment to conservation. This 33,000-acre piece of pristine wilderness that spans four distinct ecological zones is a remarkable and relatively remote landscape, which makes for exclusive, uninterrupted game viewing and unspoilt landscapes. Rugged, rocky outcrops and varying terrain ensures a spectrum of wildlife species and spectacular scenery. This is the setting of Singita Lebombo Villa. Built with utmost respect for and in celebration of its surroundings, it upholds sustainable principles in every aspect of its operations and offers a contemporary and design-forward take on safari travel.

Sabi Sand Game Reserve is a privately owned game reserve adjacent to Kruger National Park. Within the greater Sabi Sand Game Reserve you’ll find Singita Sabi Sand. A property renowned for high concentrations of big game, and its frequent, excellent leopard sightings, it’s been owned by the Bailes family (and founders of Singita) since 1926. This reserve is where you’ll find our private villa that holds the most history. Singita Castleton was once the family home of founder Luke Bailes’ grandfather, and is an elegant farm-style property that honours this family legacy.

South Africa’s varied and dramatic terrain, and excellent concentration of game make it a prime game viewing and birding destination, as well as one where guests can witness firsthand the positive impact of our various conservation and community projects. In our South African lodges, we place particular emphasis on developing culinary talent within the local communities – our Singita Community Culinary School trains talented chefs to world-class standards to prepare them for a career in the hospitality industry. As a result, our Villas in this region also offer superlative food and wine activities, which serve to elevate the experience of a stay here still further.


Our private villa in Zimbabwe - Singita Malilangwe House – is a celebration of this beautiful country’s culture and history

Our private villa in Zimbabwe - Singita Malilangwe House – is a celebration of this beautiful country’s culture and history and is located within the magnificent Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve, a 130,000-acre property (which is managed by Singita on behalf of the Malilangwe Trust) in the remote southeast of the country.

This untouched and vast wilderness is exclusively available to Singita guests, making it one of the most private and pristine wilderness destinations on the continent and a prime location for unparalleled game-viewing opportunities. Built to honour the rich and ancient archaeological and cultural heritage of the area – the reserve is home to important archaeological sites and ancient rock art that date back hundreds of years – the villa’s unique location (immersed in bushveld but within close proximity to the Malilangwe Dam) also positions it uniquely to offer both aquatic and land-based safari activities, with fishing and boating as part of the offering in addition to traditional game-viewing.

Part of a pioneering model in the region for cooperation with conservation organisations and the communities who live in villages that neighbour this wildlife area, Singita Malilangwe House, together with nearby Singita Pamushana Lodge, form the eco-tourism arm of this reserve, with revenue going towards sustaining conservation projects. The various activities and excursions that guests can participate in during a stay at the Villa all serve to further this work.

This prime location situates the Villa perfectly for guests to experience this remarkable, once-in-a lifetime activity.

Singita Kataza House, our private villa in Rwanda is set on the edge of Volcanoes National Park, where one third of the world’s remaining endangered mountain gorillas live. Our property here shares a border with the park, making Singita the only property in such close proximity to this natural habitat and the park’s headquarters – from which gorilla trekking excursions commence.

Here we practice sustainable tourism at its most authentic in one of the most unique and peaceful environments on earth. Designed with the preservation and restoration of this delicate ecosystem at its very core, the Villa, its culinary offering and activities are all aligned with our mission to celebrate and preserve the culture and natural heritage of this unique destination.

Garden-to-table food, sustainable design and an on-site nursery are just some of the ways that we honour the environment. In terms of our conservation initiatives community partnerships and reforestation form the central focus of Singita’s efforts here, and while in the villa you’ll be constantly reminded of the significance of travelling with purpose.