As an ecotourism and conservation brand, with the future wellbeing of the continent at its core, Singita’s every initiative is driven by our 100-year purpose.

This is an enduring and far-reaching commitment to preserve and restore large areas of African wilderness so that future generations may experience, appreciate and in turn, protect them.

This passion has seen us embed these values in the very fabric of all we do.

In order to put into action our ethos, we work in close alliance with non-profit partners to move the needle through meaningful work in the conservation space. These programmes, across regions, span different areas under the conservation umbrella - biodiversity, community and sustainability - and are fully aligned with global conservation goals towards transformation, restoration and regeneration.

Our aim with this approach is to protect and restorate the natural biodiversity in the wilderness areas in which we operate

The pursuit of sustainable practices in order to meet our climate commitments and the building of beneficial relationships with the communities most impacted by our operations, so that those living in close proximity to the wilderness areas benefit in terms of economic independence and education. 

By visiting one of the properties in our Private Villa Collection you’re playing a role in supporting these vital projects. 

If you’d like to be a part of the ongoing conservation work across our regions, please consider donating to one of the many projects and programmes run by our various non-profit partners here.